A Journal of Historical Research

Dr Ram Pande is no more. He left for his heavenly abode on the 17th September, 2019

SHODHAK means researcher, and this Journal was started in 1972 with an aim to develop and support research in the field of Social Sciences in general and History in particular. The main characteristic of a researcher is to arrive at, or nearby, truth. Now when we have successfully completed 48 years and approaching Fifty Years of historical studies, with several ups and downs during this period, we can say that we have achieved some of our objectives by promoting research temperament and talents.
History has been defined as narration of human-orally repeated or recorded-behaviour of actions. The evaluation of historical knowledge and writings could be divided into several phases on the basis of ideologies which have now entered into this discipline. Origin of the word history suggests some meaning. It is followed that Greeks were the pioneers in writing history. The Greek word ‘istoria’ meaning ‘inquiry’ or ‘research’ or ‘knowledge obtained as a result of inquiry’. From Greeks it was transmitted to the Romans and others. This is Western European view. The Sanskrit word ‘Itihas’ stands for tale or legend. The Germans on the basis of Sanskrit Studies made it an intelligible and significant narrative of past events through their coined word ‘geschichets’. In writing events the historian must be judge. He should not suppress any defect of the national character but add to his portraiture those higher qualities in which taken together to constitute the entire individuals. If one source is found today it is necessary to search for corroborative evidence. The internal and external evidence of the sources must be subjected to a thorough scientific scrutiny to asset their authenticity.
History can be made a fascinating subject for research scholars and well as for ordinary if the research is done analytical. Evolution social movements, transformation of communities from one socio-cultural-economic condition to another forces bringing out such transformation identified are indeed fascinating. It is only history which could very well contribute to the understanding of the present day society.
The spoken words, orally repeated tales have been the basis of early human history, later on Vats, Khyats, Vanshavalis also entered into the field of historical narration. The chronicles, in whatever form, narrations, travellers accounts and documents of the administration also became basis for the purpose of writing the history. Later on archaeology, monuments, coinage, paintings etc. are also taken into account for reconstructing historical features.
Friends, scientific history is the order of the day. The man is always in search of truth and scientific helps him come nearer to the truth, if not the whole truth.
History has witnessed that world has been in search of peace for human development and for that it searches the wisdom of India. We know that fables of Panchtantra, full of the wisdom the world realized.
We have been publishing the issues of our journal Shodhak-thrice in a year regularly and punctually during these years.